Lachlan Deen

Lachlan Deen

Lachlan is an Associate who started at Marshall Day Acoustics in 2011, after graduating with honours from Monash University. Lachlan has extensive experience in the assessment and design of internal and external sound insulation, reverberation control and mechanical services noise control. He has worked on several projects providing advice for proposed and existing residential developments, office and commercial buildings and educational facilities and community centres. 

He also has a wide range of experience in all aspects of environmental noise measurement, prediction and assessment, having reviewed several proposed and existing commercial developments, industrial sites and residential estates exposed to noise from traffic, rail and aircraft. 

Lachlan specialises in aircraft noise assessments for proposed residential estates, educational facilities and community and commercial developments. He has worked on numerous residential, educational and commercial projects in close proximity to airports, including appearances as an expert witness at tribunal hearings. 

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Astrophysics
  • Member of the Australian Acoustical Society

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+61 3 9416 1855

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